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Self-experience Groups

What are self-experience groups?

Self-experience groups allow for the exploration of any personal problems through active methods. The method we use at Cognitiva is called psychodrama. It was created in 20th century by Jacob Moreno. Regardless of its somewhat weird name, the approach combines role-play with group dynamics, which helps in receiving a different point of view on one’s conflicts in a safe environment. They give a unique experience within the group, which helps one master the use of language and communication in social environment.


The most commonly used techniques in psychodrama are:

Role reversal – whereby the individual is given the opportunity to take on the role of an important person in his life and understand their experiences with the help of the group leader.

Mirroring – whereby the individual is given the opportunity to observe another person, who is taking on his role in order to achieve a different perspective of his own problems

Doubling – whereby the individual can observe a group member express their emotions and experiences, which builds empathy and opportunity to face our problems in a more constructive and non-aggressive way

Who are self-experience groups suitable for?

Self-experience groups are suitable for adolescents over 15 years old and adults, who:

Want to enhance their social skills and their ability to connect with others in a more constructive way

Are curious and want to discover their strengths and weaknesses

Want to deal with a specific problem or experience and to be met with empathy and understanding from others

Want to become more skilled in recognizing emotions both in themselves and in others

Are not afraid to delve into their fears and dreams and search for their hidden meaning

Format and Duration

The groups can have different durations and frequencies. Groups of adolescents usually have one session a week, 10 sessions minimum, with one session lasting 3 hours

Groups of adults usually last for 200 academic hours. They can be held once a month for a weekend of 20 academic hours, or once a week for 4 academic hours.

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