Effectiveness of child psychodrama groups

The effect of children's visits to psychodrama groups is usually felt after only a few sessions. Most often, aggressive children become a little more calm and moderate in their behavior, able to contain their emotions to a slightly higher degree and connect better with others. Anxious children, on the other hand, show slightly more open-minded behavior, wanting to engage in activities they previously avoided and enjoying them more.

Despite these frequent changes that are quickly noticed, psychotherapy is not a process that produces immediate change. If the process is stopped at such a moment, there is a danger that the effect will remain short-term and the discomfort will reappear. It takes more time and patience for long-term recovery to occur. According to research in the field, long-term change in children's behavior can most often be established after 34-36 meetings. In order for the change to happen, it is extremely important to change something in the family environment and/or at school - the way of communication with the child, the boundaries that are set for him, the support that is needed, etc. This greatly aids the therapeutic process and usually leads to stronger bonds between family members and/or a child's calmness at school, etc. Otherwise, there is a danger that relief will not come for the child or that it will happen very slowly.

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