Cognitiva has developed a program for the improvement of young therapists. Colleagues who have passed a sample interview are included in the program. They all meet the legal requirements to practice psychotherapy, possess a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in psychology, and are in the process of obtaining a diploma for full-fledged psychotherapists. At this stage, three supervised and one psychologist have earned their place among us.

The program aims to provide an opportunity for the development of young specialists in the field, as well as to develop the profession of “psychologist” and “psychotherapist” more generally. Another benefit is that we have the opportunity to support a wider range of customers to receive professional support at more affordable prices.

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Who are they?

Plamen Petkov

psychologist, psychodrama therapist under supervision

Plamen has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the New Bulgarian University (NBU), as well as a Master’s degree in “Organizational and Social Psychology”. In addition, he has completed his courses as part of a Master’s degree in “Psychologic support for operational search activities” at the Ministry of Interior Academy. He is certified as a career consultant by the Global Career Development Facilitator (GDCF) and has completed an introductory training in Transactional Analysis (Certificate – TA101).

His main interests are in the field of social, organizational and work psychology, cognitive psychology, and psychotherapy.


Vanina Dimova

psychologist, psychodrama therapist and family consultant under supervision

She has completed her courses as part of a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at NBU.
She works as a psychologist (volunteer) at the Unit for Psychological and Non-Medical Care at the University Hematology Hospital Sofia. She interned at a psychiatric clinic at University Hospital St. Marina, Varna, Bulgaria, as well as at a program under the “Investment measures for social inclusion of children and young people accommodated in residential services” project.


Martin Georgiev

Martin Georgiev

Martin Georgiev graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at NBU, and is about to continue his education with a Master’s degree. He is currently furthering his studies in the psychodrama method at the Chiron Institute for Psychodrama Practices in the second level of psychodrama with adults in order to obtain a diploma as a full-fledged psychotherapist. He regularly attends seminars and participates in various projects within the fields of psychodrama and psychotherapy.

His interests in psychology are related to individual and group therapy, coaching and training, organizational and social psychology, clinical psychology and neuroscience.
As an additional qualification, he as a certificate in German for professional language proficiency C1 (GoetheZertifikat C1).


Martin Ivanov


Martin Ivanov has graduated NBU with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a psychoanalytic orientation. He is currently studying at the assistant level in Jungian psychodrama and is a part of the Fourth International Training Group for Psychodrama with Children. He is working as a school psychologist with experience as a psychologist at Brain Academy. In addition to working with children, he has been a volunteer at the Unit for Psychological and Non-Medical Care at the University Hematology Hospital Sofia for nearly a year.




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