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  Уважаеми клиенти, Във връзка с пандемията от Корона вирус Covid-19 искаме да Ви уверим, че Център за детско развитие и психологическо консултиране „Когнитива“ взема сериозни предпазни мерки за ограничаване на заразяването на територията му:
  1. Individual consultations and psychotherapy are carried out exclusively with masks worn by both the therapist and the client during the sessions.
  2. Group leaders and group participants wear masks at all times.
  3. The rooms are disinfected after each group session - by using the appropriate disinfectants and bactericidal ozone-free lamps in all rooms.
  4. Mandatory disinfection of the hands of those entering the center.
  5. Persons (children, parents, therapists) with clear symptoms of respiratory disease are not allowed in the center.
  6. Only clients and therapists are permitted inside the center.
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