Cognitiva is beginning to host groups for adolescents aged 14-17

The goal of the groups is to support young people, as well as their parents, in this delicate for everyone period. Every teenager needs to feel accepted in an environment different from the nuclear family. The groups, which are there to support identity development are a place where each adolescent can find an answer to their questions.

The groups are suitable for everyone who experiences episodes of:

✓   Anxiety

✓    Conflict

✓    Agression

✓   Lack of school adaptation

✓   Lack of inclusion from peers

✓   Communication difficulties

✓   Fear and phobias

✓    Academic difficulties

✓    Unnacceptance of self

✓    Problematic behaviour with parents and peers

✓    Other difficulties

The group is aimed at:

✓    Acquiring new and solidifying existing useful social skills

✓    Topics to do with personality and being part of the greater whole

✓    Developing strategies to deal with anxiety-inducing and awkward situations and conflicts

✓    Swapping experience with peers

✓    Developing tolerance towards differences

✓    Acquiring a different point of view about the surrounding world

✓    Creating everyone’s personal preferences

✓    Professional orientation

✓    Enhancing communication and active listening skills

✓    Enhancing assertive behaviour and taking personal responsibility

✓    Understanding and accepting one’s reactions in a given situation

✓    Recognizing the variety of role one can take on in the future

✓    Preventing immoral and aggressive behaviour and learning what to do when faced with immoral aggressive behaviour

✓    Recognizing and controlling one’s emotions, empathy

✓    Various topics from an adolescent’s everyday life, things that excite them and are important for their personality development

 Everyone who has an interest in the adolescent groups can contact us. Before becoming a part of a group, every adolescent and parent will be given the opportunity for a preliminary session during which any details can be clarified and questions can be answered.

Each group session is 90 minutes long.


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