Abstract of the workshop

The seminar will provide a knowledge about the Basic Psychological Needs in children which serves as a theoretical background in Psychodrama with children approach developed by Alfons Aichinger and Walter Holl in Germany. The workshop is focused on working with children in individual settings face-to-face and will present the appropriate therapeutic interventions according to the identified need of the child. In addition, the group therapy will be presented in short.

The topics of the seminar are as follows:

 Theory in Psychodrama with Children – Four Basic Needs

 Children’s play and how children express and externalize
their problems.

 Psychodrama-Diagnostic with children (first interview).
Individual psychodrama therapy with children, playing
with animal figures in order to integrate conflicting parts.

 Psychotherapeutical interventions according to the
identified needs of the child.

 Short introduction in Group therapy with Children.

Target Group

Professionals who work with children educationally and/or therapeutically such as child and adolescent psychotherapists, psychologists, mental health and social workers, teachers, and educators.

Group leaders

Stefan Flegelskamp

Graduate social worker, child and adolescent psychotherapist, supervisor, has been working with children and adolescents for many years. He has also been conducting Psychodrama and Psychodrama for children trainings for many years at the Institute of Psychodrama Szenen, at which he has been the director since 2011. From 2015 to 2017 he was a member of the Council of FEPTO

Assoc. Prof. Milena Mutafchieva, PhD

PhD of Developmental Psychology, Associate Professor in Cognitive Science and Psychology Department in New Bulgarian University, Sofia. She got her PhD in Developmental Psychology in 2007. She has been a psychodrama trainer for adults for many years and recently she became psychodrama psychotherapist for children. From 2015 to 2017 she was the Vice-president of FEPTO.


12th, 13th and 14thof February, 2021

10 to 13 o’clock: first session

13 to 15 o’clock: lunch break

15 to 18 o’clock: second session


Participation Fee

For 3 days training:

150,– EUR  for  eastern European participants

200,– EUR for western European participants


If you would like to register, please contact us on the following emails:

Introduction to psyhodrama with children
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