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Individual Consultations


Psychotherapy for Children and Adults

What issues can be tackled during individual therapy?

Individual consultations can concern any problems or questions that the client is interested in and would like to discuss

For children:

Typical development of the child for the given age

Different behavioural or emotional outbursts

A difficult period related to a life situation or the adaptation to a new environment

In the case that the inquiry by the client concerns a child, it is mandatory for the first consultation to be carried out with the parents. Following this, a work plan is devised for continuous work with the child’s best interests in mind. If the work is long-term, the parents are to remain involved throughout the entire process, with occasional meetings between the parents and the therapist.

For adults:

  Personal problems, experiences, and questions

Unclear future perspectives

Physical complaints, which have a possible psychological cause

A desire for self-actualization and development

Unloading of emotions

Developing new strategies to deal with life situations and personal experiences

Support in a difficult period of life



The duration of the meetings and/or the duration of the entire therapeutic process are based on the client’s needs and are highly personalized.

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