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What is psychodiagnostics?

Each child develops at its own pace and reacts differently to the world around it. Psychodiagnostics and consultation at Cognitiva can help us both discover a child’s strong suits, as well as optimize its development.

Psychodiagnostics can be carried out in favour of both the cognitive development of a child, as well as in favour of its socio-emotional functioning.

Psychodiagnostics falls within the field of applied psychology, which helps us to determine the level of functioning in the different areas of child development:

Which areas of development do we focus on?

Which areas of development do we focus on?

The diagnosis and evaluation at Cognitiva is based on well-developed and standardized tests and method in the field of child development:

Who is developmental psychodiagnostics suitable for?

For children, whose parents:

Are interested whether their child is well-prepared or school

Want to support their grown child in choosing a profession based on their qualities

Want to research their child's needs in order to satisfy them more easily

Want to determine their child’s strong suits

Are interested in which area should they need to put more effort in order for their child to reach an optimal level of functioning

Have doubts that their child is "too" active or have trouble concentrating

How long does developmental psychodiagnostics last?

Depending on the goal in mind, psychodiagnostics can last from one to several sessions.

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